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Our services 

We offer several services to meet your needs

Online Store

Make yourself a hedge pro with our fertilizers delivered to your home! We offer free delivery on our fertilizers purchased online with a delivery of 5 working days. You can maintain your hedge yourself every year. Our granular fertilizer allows a fortification of your hedge as well as an increase in growth,   while our foliar fertilizer invigorates all hedges, whether young or old, giving them an appearance healthy, full and bright green.  

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We offer 2 types of fertilization carried out for you each year. Spring fertilization takes place from May to June and summer fertilization in July. We recommend 2 fertilizations for the first 2-3 years after installation. The first fertilization provides rapid growth, fortification of the trunk and branches. The second fertilization revitalizes your hedge, giving it a bright green and full branches. Summer fertilization is done with our popular fish emulsion fertilizer and also allows restoration after a difficult winter. 

We are taking new clients until May 15th.

hedge trimming

Our team of experts has 35 years of experience in the field and ensures exceptional quality and cutting precision. We trim cedar hedges 14 feet or less. The pruning is done in a single day and our team cleans up the site after the execution. Our sizing runs from the end of July to the end of September and our appointments are available until mid-July.


Relax and sip your lemonade in the hot summer sun, we take care of everything!



We offer the hedge dismantling service before installation. The dismantling includes the cutting of the hedge, the uprooting of the trunks and roots as well as the cleaning, before the new planting. 


Sometimes it is impossible to foresee everything and some harmful little visitors can invite themselves into your hedge and wreak havoc... Don't worry, our expert consultants will be able to help you! In a single appointment, we inspect your hedge and give you a procedure to save it. 

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The pallet hedge

We offer home delivery of cedars every Thursday and Friday of each week during the season. This allows you to do your own installation. The pallet includes 30-inch-high cedars, fertilizers, garden hose, delivery and the online explanatory guide with photos for planting. 

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