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Who are we?

A family matter

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Cedars of Beauce Inc

Les Cèdres de Beauce was founded in 1989 due to a shortage of cedars. At that time, cultivated cedars did not exist in the region. We then had to extract them on agricultural land and in the woods of the region. The cedars became more and more rare and of less and less good quality.

It was then that the owners at the time,  M. Léandre Blais and Mr. Marius Bégin had the idea of producing cultivated cedars. As a result of their research and hard work, they created the first generation of Beauce cultivated cedars. Since that time, following research, tests and experiments, the company has become one of the largest producers of cultivated cedars in the Quebec region.

It was in 1996, with new owners, that the installation service and the cedar hedge maintenance service were added. These two services have enabled the company to be the regional cedar hedge specialists today.

Mr. Alain Jacques, owner of Les Cèdres de Beauce since 1996, has grown the company considerably by refining its products and opening additional markets in the USA and Ontario. One of our specialties now is heavy gauge cedar which is relatively rare in the industry. 

For 5 years now, to the delight of Mr. Jacques, his children  joined him to continue the excellent service offered for 35 years this year. 

The company now employs several foreign workers each year, who are essential to our high-end service. 

The experience and expertise of Les Cèdres de Beauce make it a leader in Quebec in the field of cedar hedges. 

It is up to you today to benefit from this professional expertise. A simple call for an appointment with one of our advisers will delight you.

Notre équipe

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